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New technologies for using reclaimed asphalt
18. June 2012

The reuse of old asphalt – also known as reclaimed asphalt (RA) – is an absolute must in this day and age. Ammann offers tailor-made, high-quality solutions for every aspect of preserving resources.


Ammann offers various solutions depending on how much RA is added to the mix. Adding cold RA directly to the mixer is recommended for smaller quantities of up to 30%. The RAH 50 ring drum is the right choice for customised quantities up to 50%. The parallel drum is best suited for adding larger quantities of hot asphalt up to 60%, whilst the RAH 100 concept is designed for even larger quantities.


The matching as1 control system is well-equipped for all related tasks and provides ideal support during day-to-day operations. Existing as1 control systems can be upgraded without any problems. Ammann dryers offer both the know-how and the technical options needed to adapt flexibly to future requirements.