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Ammann documents achieved compaction result
27. May 2011

Large vibratory plates achieve a high degree of efficiency through special technical features. In 2006, Ammann was able to measure and visually demonstrate the compaction result directly on site for the first time with the "ACE“ compaction measurement system. A further variant is meanwhile available in the form of the “ACEeco” system.

Ammann customers can choose to equip their new vibratory plates with the Ammann Compaction Expert “ACE” or the “ACEeco”. Whilst "ACE" allows the actual measurement of absolute compaction value in combination with coordinated machine control, the new "ACEeco" stands for a relative measurement system.

Compaction measurement at the touch of a button
The whole purpose of continuous compaction control (CCC) is to monitor compaction progress with reasonable means to avoid redundant passes and detrimental over-compaction. That is why "ACE" vibratory plates have three selectable operating modes: In manual mode it provides the operator with continuous information on the degree of compaction and indicates the anticipated end state. In automatic mode, on the other hand, the vibratory plate alters its compaction output to reflect the level of substrate compaction achieved so far. Third mode: The numerical rigidity value of the substrate (kB value) can be called up on the display at the touch of a button after spot compaction.

 The function of “ACEeco” vibratory plates is the same as the manual “ACE” function level. The operator is integrated in the process and can intervene accordingly, therefore avoiding over-compaction and unnecessary passes. “ACEeco” represents an alternative that is both interesting and cost-effective